Meaghan Coble

Meaghan Coble is a talented paralegal with a passion for helping others and a dedication to providing exceptional service. Through her advocacy for injured clients, Meaghan has established a reputation as a trusted and knowledgeable legal professional.

Meaghan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Central Missouri. She is skilled in all aspects of litigation support, including document review, research, and drafting. Her attention to detail and ability to think critically have been instrumental in ensuring the success of the cases she has worked on.

At Fletcher Law Office, Meaghan works closely with our attorneys to provide top-notch legal support to our clients. Her exceptional interpersonal skills and commitment to client satisfaction have made her a valuable member of our team.

If you’re in need of a legal professional that is compassionate and determined to help, contact Meaghan Coble at Fletcher Law Office and schedule a free consultation today.

Meaghan Coble


What Our Clients Say

“Gage is the type of guy to go above and beyond and see your case and recovery all the way through. You’re in good hands!”

Janet M.

“Great law firm to work with. They took great care of me and my family.”

John K.

“Gage is absolutely amazing! He is very attentive, responsive, and professional. I recommend Fletcher Law Office to anyone in need of legal services.”

Ryan F.