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Sexual Abuse Lawyers in Austin, Texas

If you or a loved one has been the victim of sexual abuse in Texas, it is important to know that you have legal rights and options available to you. An experienced Austin sexual abuse lawyer can help protect your rights and ensure that those responsible are held accountable.

Sexual abuse victims face a wide range of physical, psychological, and emotional effects from their trauma. A compassionate attorney can provide an understanding and supportive environment in which you feel safe to share your story. Our law firm works hard to make sure victims are treated with respect and compassion during this difficult time.

We understand the unique complexities of sexual abuse cases in Texas, and we have the experience and resources necessary to defend your rights in court. At Fletcher Law, our Austin sexual abuse lawyers will aggressively fight for fair compensation for any damages suffered due to the crime while also providing a safe space for healing. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve justice.

Understanding Your Rights Following a Sexual Abuse Incident in Texas

Being the victim of sexual abuse is a life-changing and traumatic experience that no one should have to endure. Following an attack, it's important to know and understand your rights, options, and legal recourse available. Victims of sexual abuse in Austin are afforded certain rights under the law.

If the perpetrator of the act is identified by police, then you may have the right to file civil and criminal charges against them. Additionally, in some cases, you may be able to file a civil lawsuit against a person or institution if you can establish that their negligence was responsible for your attack.

Our firm can review the details of your case and help guide you on your legal options. We understand that no two cases are alike and that many factors must be weighed when determining how best to handle any given instance of sexual assault or abuse. We also understand your journey as the alleged victim in a case through criminal court. Our experienced Austin sexual assault lawyer will work with you to ensure that your civil claims rights are protected throughout the proceedings and that justice is served.

What to Expect When Working With an Austin Sexual Abuse Lawyer

When you retain the services of an Austin sexual assault lawyer, it's important to understand what to expect in the process.

You are likely to come away with a better understanding of your legal rights and options as a victim of sexual assaultand/or abuse. Your Austin sexual abuse lawyer will work to explain:

  • Texas laws and statutes related to your case
  • How civil lawsuits work in Texas
  • What kind of compensation you may be entitled to receive
  • Your legal options based on the specifics of your case
  • The timeline for a potential lawsuit
  • And any other details relevant to your case.

Additionally, you can expect your sexual assault lawyer to represent you with compassion, respect, and commitment throughout the entire process. They will provide sound advice, anticipate potential challenges and develop strategies on how best to move forward. You also have a right to ask questions and request updates along the way as necessary.

The Benefits of Retaining an experienced Sexual Abuse Lawyer

If you or someone you know has been the victim of sexual abuse, it is essential to retain an experienced Austin sexual abuse lawyer to help protect your rights. An experienced sexual assault lawyer possesses many advantages that can be essential to the success of a civil claim:


An experienced Austin sexual abuse lawyer has specialized knowledge and experience in the area of law related to these cases. They understand the complexities of such cases and how to navigate them successfully. This expertise can be invaluable in allowing a victim to receive justice in court if they have been sexually assaulted. Having this experience can be critical in ensuring that when an individual commits sexual assault, they are proven guilty for their crimes. 


It is difficult for victims of sexual assault to process their own cases due to emotional trauma and fear. Concepts such as when an act is considered nonconsensual, or was physically resisted sexual activity, are important to understand in the resulting civil action. An experienced Austin sexual abuse lawyer can help bring objectivity and provide guidance throughout the legal process, which often requires sound decision-making amidst difficult emotions.


An experienced lawyer is able to anticipate issues that might arise, gather evidence, thoroughly prepare a case and provide legal advice throughout the litigation process. An Austin Sexual Abuse Lawyer will also have access to experts who can help strengthen a case's credibility by providing valuable testimony if needed in court.

How to Choose the Right Sexual Abuse Legal Representation

Finding the right legal representation for a sexual abuse case is a daunting task. It's important to feel confident that your lawyer has the expertise and experience needed to fight for your rights.

When searching for a lawyer, you should consider the following:


Experience is the most important factor when it comes to choosing the right sexual assault legal representation. Look for an Austin sexual abuse lawyer who has extensive experience in handling cases similar to yours and can provide evidence of successful outcomes.


Look into reviews, ratings and other information about potential lawyers before making a decision. This will help you gain insight into their competence and reliability as well as how they interact with clients.


Choose an Austin sexual abuse lawyer with specialized knowledge in the area of sexual assault law, so you can be sure your case will be handled with confidence and precision. Make sure they have a comprehensive understanding of relevant state and federal laws, as well as experience in courtroom settings.

Finally, when choosing a lawyer, look for someone who is compassionate towards victims and their families and understands the emotional toll this type of case can take on those involved. An experienced attorney should show empathy and demonstrate respect for your situation.

Crafting a Unique Strategy for Every Client's Case

At Fletcher Law, our attorneys understand that each sexual assault case is unique. We craft a customized strategy for every client to ensure they are receiving the best representation possible. This entails:

  • Carefully reviewing all the evidence in the case, including any laws that may come into play and any statements made by the accused during interviews or interrogations
  • Conducting background checks and investigating if the perpetrator is a repeat sex offender in Travis County. 
  • Gathering witness testimony in the criminal case and cross examining experts if necessary
  • Investigating if there is any digital evidence or social media messages that can be used in court
  • Reviewing any medical records and obtaining medical opinions
  • Presenting legal arguments on behalf of our clients under Texas law in applicable hearings and proceedings
  • Utilizing alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation, where applicable
  • Negotiating a settlement with the accused party's insurance company if appropriate
  • Taking the case to trial in Texas when needed to recover compensation
  • Representing victims in appellate courts when needed

Our ultimate goal is to ensure justice is served for our clients and that they receive maximum compensation for their suffering. We work tirelessly to make sure their rights are protected every step of the way.

Our Commitment to Protecting the Rights of Victims of Sexual Abuse

At Fletcher Law, we understand the immense trauma experienced by victims of sexual assault and we are fiercely committed to protecting their rights. Our Austin sexual abuse lawyer has the experience, skills and compassion needed to take on the assailants and their legal teams with confidence.

Our firm offers a full range of services tailored to our clients' needs including:

  • Extensive experience in all aspects of sexual assault law
  • Thorough case analysis to determine liability and argue legal claims
  • Accurate assessment of damages suffered by clients
  • Effective litigations including alternative dispute resolutions, trials and appeals when appropriate
  • Knowledgeable advice on post-trial processes such as appeals, criminal charges and more.
  • Compassionate representation throughout each stage of the process
  • Supportive communication during sensitive matters
  • Respectful access to resources such as mental health professionals
  • Dedication to securing just compensation for victims of abuse

At Fletcher Law, our team is dedicated to providing personalized legal services for victims of sexual abuse in Austin and beyond—because justice deserves no boundaries or limitations.

Evidence In Sexual Abuse Cases

When it comes to cases of sexual assault, the evidence is critical. Our Austin sexual abuse lawyers have the experience and knowledge necessary to efficiently analyze collected evidence and work towards the best possible outcome for our clients.

Our team understands how important it is to look and secure key evidence early in a case. Including:

·       Witnesses

·       Family members

·       Fingerprints

·       Trace evidence

Securing this evidence can be beneficial in charges involving sexual abuse, in particular with heightened damages cases such as aggravated sexual assault. We are skilled in assessing these evidence sources, as well as other forms of evidence such as medical records and articles of clothing. We offer a free consultation to any victims of sexual violence, and will do our best to listen to their story with the utmost respect, and give a full picture of the options after a sexual assault occurs. 

It's important that we fully understand all the available evidence so that we can create a thoughtful and persuasive argument on behalf of our client.

What Are The Common Defenses In Sexual Abuse Cases?

If you are seeking legal representation for a sexual assault claim, it is important to understand the most common defenses that may be used against you.


One of the most common types of defense used in sexual assault cases is that of consent. The accused may try to show that the victim consented to the activity and had given permission to proceed. However, consent may be difficult to prove in court as it often comes down to one person's word against another.

False Allegations

The accused may also attempt to use a defense of false allegations claiming that the victim's statement was not true or accurate. This type of defense can be very difficult to prove as it relies on proving that the accuser has lied about what happened or about their identity.

Lack Of Evidence

Another potential line of defense used in sexual abuse cases is lack of evidence. The accused may try and point out any holes in the victim's testimony or lack of physical evidence when building their case. It is important for victims of sexual assault to retain any documentation or physical evidence related to their case as this reduces the chances an attorney can use this line of defense successfully against them in court.

Contact Fletcher Law For Help With A Sexual Abuse Case

The legal team at Fletcher Law understand how life-altering sexual abuse can be and knows exactly how to help. We have decades of experience representing victims of sexual abuse, offering compassionate, skilled and aggressive representation with the goal of seeking justice for our clients. We offer a free and confidential consultation for your case. 

The legal process that follows a sexual abuse can be intimidating and complex, but we are here to guide our clients through every step. We know sexual abuse cases well; we've represented victims in pursuit of financial compensation in Travis County. 

At Fletcher Law we work to what it takes to build a strong case strategy and create a powerful legal argument and to ensure that you get the best possible outcome for your case.

If you or someone you love is facing legal matters related to sexual abuse, please don't hesitate to contact us today. The attorneys at Fletcher Law are ready review your case and provide you with the necessary legal advice so that you can make an informed decision about your next steps.