Geico Insurance Car Accident Injury Claims in Texas

Geico Insurance Car Accident Injury Claims in Texas

As a Texas resident, you expect your car insurance provider to handle your claim properly if you're ever in an accident. Geico is one of the largest auto insurers in the state, so many Texans rely on them for coverage. However, dealing with insurance companies after an accident can be complicated. Geico may try to get you to settle for less than you deserve or deny your injury claim altogether.

Before you accept Geico's first settlement offer or let them dismiss your claim, make sure you understand your rights. Texas law protects accident victims and provides options if an insurer is acting in bad faith. Speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney can help you pursue the maximum compensation available under the law and hold Geico accountable if needed. Your health and financial security should be the top priority after any car accident. Don't let an insurance company take advantage of you during this difficult time. A Texas Car Accident Lawyer can help you get started. 

Understanding Geico Insurance and Car Accident Claims in Texas

To file an injury claim with Geico after a car accident in Texas, it’s important to understand their claims process and your legal rights.

Gather Evidence

After an accident, obtain a police report, contact information for any witnesses, and photographs of the vehicles and surrounding area. Seek medical attention promptly even if you feel fine, as symptoms of injuries can appear later. Keep records of doctor visits, diagnoses, and treatments.

Contact Geico

Report the accident to Geico within 24 hours or as soon as reasonably possible. Provide details of the incident, any injuries or vehicle damage. Geico will assign an adjuster to investigate and determine fault and liability. Cooperate fully with the adjuster by providing requested evidence and answering questions truthfully while protecting your legal rights.

Evaluate the Offer

Geico’s initial settlement offer may not fully compensate you for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering. Don’t feel pressured to accept it. Instead, consult with a personal injury lawyer to determine if it’s fair. They can help negotiate a higher amount on your behalf or file a lawsuit if needed.

If Geico denies your claim or offers an amount you feel is unreasonable, a lawyer may be able to help. They know Texas personal injury laws regarding statute of limitations, liability, and fair compensation. They can handle the legal process for you, from filing a lawsuit to representing you in court to maximize your settlement or award amount.

With the proper evidence and legal counsel, you have the best chance of obtaining fair compensation from Geico for injuries and other losses sustained in a car accident. The claims process can be complex, but by understanding your rights and responsibilities, you can achieve a successful outcome.

Steps to Take After a Car Accident With Geico Insurance

After an accident with a Geico insured driver, it's important to take the proper steps to protect

your rights. ###

First, call the police and report the incident. Get a copy of the police report which will contain

important details about the accident that will support your claim.

Next, exchange information with the other driver, including name, address, phone number,

insurance details and license plate number. Take photos of the vehicles, the surrounding area and any

injuries. Get contact information for any witnesses as well.

Then, report the claim to Geico as soon as possible. Provide the details of the accident and any

medical treatment. Geico will open a claim file and may send an adjuster to evaluate the vehicles.

Cooperate fully with Geico's investigation but do not give a recorded statement.

Finally, get medical attention right away. Seek diagnosis and treatment for any injuries, no matter

how minor. Inform Geico about medical care and they will get bills and records to properly evaluate

your claim. Keep records of expenses, missed work and other losses.

By following these steps, you'll have the necessary documentation and evidence to pursue fair

compensation for injuries and losses. While Geico will try to settle quickly, you may need to get legal counsel

involved to negotiate a satisfactory resolution. With patience and persistence, you can recover damages from an accident claim.

Working With a Texas Car Accident Lawyer for Your Geico Claim

Working With a Texas Car Accident Lawyer for Your Geico Claim

If you have been injured in a car accident with a driver insured by GEICO in Texas, you will want to consider consulting with a personal injury attorney regarding your options for pursuing compensation. An experienced lawyer can help guide you through the claims process and advocate on your behalf to maximize your settlement.

When GEICO receives notice of the accident, they will open a claim file and begin an investigation to determine liability and evaluate the damages. It is important not to provide a statement to GEICO or sign any paperwork from them before speaking to a lawyer. Anything you say to them can be used to deny or decrease the value of your claim.

A lawyer will collect evidence like photos of the vehicles, accident reports, medical records, and other critical information to build a solid case. They can submit a thorough demand letter to GEICO with a settlement amount that fully accounts for your expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any permanent injuries. If GEICO does not offer a fair settlement, your lawyer can file a personal injury lawsuit against their insured driver to take the claim to court.

In some cases, GEICO may dispute or deny the claim outright. Your attorney can determine if their denial has merit or if further legal action is needed. They have experience negotiating with GEICO and other major insurers to fight for the maximum compensation their clients deserve. When you hire a lawyer, GEICO must go through them for all communication regarding your claim. Your lawyer can handle the demands of the legal process so you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

The claims process with GEICO can be complicated, but with an experienced Texas personal injury lawyer on your side, you stand the best chance of success. They can advocate for you each step of the way to help resolve your claim as favorably as possible.

Maximizing Your Geico Settlement for a Texas Car Accident

To maximize your settlement amount from Geico after a car accident injury in Texas, there are several key steps you should take:

Report the Accident Promptly

Report the accident to Geico as soon as possible. Provide the details of the accident, including time, location, vehicles involved, and contact information for any witnesses. Geico will open a claim and may send an adjuster to investigate the scene of the accident.

Get Medical Attention Right Away

Seek medical care immediately, even if you do not feel seriously injured at first. Some injuries do not become apparent until hours or days after an accident. Get checked out by a doctor to determine if you have suffered any injuries, and follow the doctor’s recommended treatment plan. Keep records of all medical visits, bills, and expenses.

Do Not Give a Recorded Statement

Politely decline to give a recorded statement to Geico or sign any documents until you have consulted with an experienced personal injury attorney. Anything you say can potentially be used against you to limit your claim. Let your attorney handle communications with the insurance company.

Calculate Your Total Losses and Expenses

Work with your attorney to calculate all losses and expenses related to your accident, including medical bills, lost work wages, pain and suffering, property damage, loss of enjoyment of life, and other factors. Provide evidence to support each item. Your attorney can help determine an appropriate settlement amount to demand from Geico based on the specifics of your case.

Negotiate the Best Possible Settlement

Once you have calculated your total losses, your attorney will negotiate with Geico to reach a fair settlement amount. This process typically takes weeks or months. Do not accept their initial offer, as it is usually much less than the actual value of your claim. Remain patient through the often lengthy negotiation process. With persistence, you can maximize your settlement from Geico.

Frequently Asked Questions About Geico and Texas Car Accident Claims

As with any insurance claim following a car accident, you likely have questions about the process and your rights. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Geico insurance claims in Texas.

What should I do immediately after an accident with a Geico-insured driver?

Call the police and report the accident. Exchange information with the other driver, including names, phone numbers, license plate numbers, and insurance details. Contact Geico to report your claim as soon as possible. Seek medical attention for any injuries right away.

How long do I have to file a claim against Geico in Texas?

You have two years from the date of the accident to file a personal injury claim against Geico in Texas. This is known as the statute of limitations. However, it is best to report your claim to Geico as soon as possible while the details of the accident are still fresh in your mind.

Will Geico try to rush a settlement?

Geico, like other major insurance companies, may try to resolve claims quickly to avoid litigation. Be very careful about signing any settlement offered by Geico within the first few months following the accident. Your injuries could take weeks or months to fully manifest, and you could miss out on compensation for long-term effects. It is best to consult with a personal injury attorney before agreeing to a settlement.

What damages can I claim against Geico?

You may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, property damage, and loss of future earnings capacity. An experienced car accident attorney can help determine all damages you may rightfully claim and negotiate with Geico on your behalf to pursue maximum compensation.

Should I get an attorney for my Geico claim?

While not always required, hiring a personal injury attorney is often in your best interest. An attorney can handle communication with Geico, document evidence, determine the full extent of your damages, and fight for fair compensation. This helps ensure you receive the maximum settlement amount you deserve under Texas law.

Our Texas Car Accident Lawyers Are Here To Help

Our experienced car accident lawyers have helped many Geico policyholders in Texas obtain fair compensation for their injuries. We understand how difficult it can be to deal with insurance companies after an accident, especially when you’re trying to recover from physical and emotional trauma.

We Handle Insurance Negotiations

Let our team of negotiators deal directly with Geico on your behalf. Insurance companies are primarily concerned with their bottom line, not what’s fair for accident victims. We know Geico’s tactics and how to counter them to secure a satisfactory settlement for your claim. If they continue to lowball or deny your claim, we’re fully prepared to take them to court.

We Don’t Get Paid Unless You Do

We operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning we only get paid if we recover compensation for you. There are no upfront costs or fees for our legal services. We believe everyone deserves equal access to justice, regardless of their financial circumstances.

decades of Experience

Our firm has over 20 years of experience helping car accident victims in Texas. We have the legal expertise and resources to thoroughly investigate your accident, determine fault and liability, calculate the full value of your damages, and build a strong case for the maximum compensation you deserve.

Don’t try to handle your Geico claim alone. Their adjusters and lawyers have one goal: settle your claim for as little as possible. Our goal is to make you whole again. Call our office today for a free consultation with a Geico car accident lawyer in Texas. We’ll review the details of your accident and injuries to determine if you have grounds for a personal injury claim. If so, we’ll stand by your side through every step of the legal process to get you a fair settlement.


As you consider filing an injury claim against Geico following a car accident in Texas, keep in mind the strict time limits and necessary evidence to support your case. Work with a personal injury attorney experienced in handling Geico claims to ensure you receive fair compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering. While the process may seem complicated, having legal counsel on your side will help guide you through the required steps. Don't delay - take action today to protect your rights after an auto accident with Geico. With the right lawyer advocating for your best interests, you can recover damages for your injuries and hold Geico accountable under Texas law. The road to recovery starts here. Call Fletcher Law for help today. 

What Evidence Do Your Need In Your Case?

To build a strong personal injury claim against Geico in Texas, certain key evidence will be crucial.

Police Report

Obtaining a copy of the official police report from the accident scene is essential. The police report will contain details about the circumstances surrounding the collision, including statements from drivers and witnesses. It may also contain determinations of fault that can support your claim.

Medical Records

Your medical records, bills, and other treatment documentation serve as evidence of the injuries you sustained. These records should include emergency room visits, physician appointments, physical therapy, medication, and any other care related to your accident injuries. The records should clearly show a link between the treatment and the vehicle collision.

Lost Wage Information

If your injuries prevented you from working, obtain records from your employer showing the specific dates you missed work, as well as the income lost during that time. Lost wages and loss of earning capacity are types of damages you can pursue in an injury claim.


Pictures of the damage to the vehicles involved in the accident, as well as any visible injuries you sustained, can be persuasive evidence for your claim. Take photos as soon as possible after the collision while the damage and injuries are still visible. Pictures of the accident scene may also be useful.

Witness Statements

If there were any witnesses to the accident, obtain written statements from them describing what they saw. Witness accounts of the events leading up to and following the crash can support your version of how the accident occurred. Their statements may help prove the other driver was at fault for causing your injuries.

By gathering these pieces of evidence, you will build a compelling case to pursue fair compensation from Geico for your accident-related damages. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you obtain and organize the necessary evidence to maximize your claim value.