Kansas City Car Accident Concussions

Kansas City Car Accident Concussions

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that can occur in a car crash, even if you don’t hit your head during the accident. The force of the collision is often enough to cause your head to shake violently and injure your brain.

Concussion Symptoms

After a car crash, the following symptoms could be signs of a concussion:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Memory issues
  • Ringing in your ears
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Changes in speech
  • Unexplained fatigue
  • Changes in sleep
  • Mood or behavior changes
  • Light sensitivity
  • Sound sensitivity

For babies and young children, concussion symptoms may be different and could include:

  • Excessive crying or irritability
  • Listlessness or disinterest in playing—even with favorite toys
  • Changes in eating or sleeping behaviors
  • Challenges and changes in moving, balance, or gross motor activities

If you have any concerns about your symptoms or your child’s symptoms, we encourage you to see a medical professional as soon as possible for a diagnosis.

Concussion Treatment and Complications

Concussion treatment often requires letting your brain rest. That means that physical activities and mental effort should be avoided. During this time, you may miss work or school and be unable to participate in your daily activities. Your doctor may advise you to slowly and gradually add more activity into your life as your symptoms subside.

Some concussions will heal with sufficient rest. However, sometimes complications can occur. One of these complications is known as post-concussion syndrome. If you are still experiencing symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, or cognitive issues three months after your accident, you might have post-concussion syndrome.

Car Accident Concussion Compensation

Your potential car crash compensation will depend on your unique injuries. Generally, however, you should recover for your past and future medical expenses, lost income, out-of-pocket costs, and pain and suffering.

Our experienced Kansas City car accident lawyers will fight for your full and fair recovery. We will make sure that you are treated fairly. Call us today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.

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