Slip and Fall Accident Reports

Slip and Fall Accident Reports

There is no legal requirement that you report a slip and fall accident to the property owner or manager. However, reporting the accident may help you if you decide to pursue a slip and fall claim for compensation later on.

Tips for Reporting Your Slip and Fall Accident

You may be provided with a standardized incident report form, or your report may be less formal. Either way, your report should:

  • Stick to essential facts such as where and when you fell
  • Include names of witnesses, if you have them
  • Not include any comments about the cause of your fall or the nature of your injuries

Once the report is complete, we encourage you not to sign it without consulting a Kansas City slip and fall injury lawyer. Additionally, you can ask for a copy of the completed accident report for your own records.

Other Types of Accident Reports

You may decide to create your own report shortly after the accident while the incident is still fresh in your mind. This type of report should not be shared with the property owner or manager, but it may be shared with your lawyer. This document could include:

  • What you saw, felt, or heard immediately before or after the fall
  • What you think happened that caused your fall
  • Any comments made by people who witnessed your fall
  • Photos of the scene of your fall
  • Medical records, as they develop

Additionally, insurance adjusters may ask for a report of the accident. Do not include any of the above information in your report to the insurance company. Instead, direct the insurance adjuster to your slip and fall attorney.

Want More Tips About What to Do After a Slip and Fall?

Our experienced Kansas City slip and fall attorneys are here to provide you with the essential advice that you need to protect your legal recovery. Contact us today for a free, confidential consultation about your possible case and potential financial compensation.

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