What classifies a catastrophic injury in Texas?

What classifies a catastrophic injury in Texas?

Have you ever wondered what exactly constitutes a catastrophic injury? In Texas, there are a few key factors that determine if an injury can be classified as catastrophic. You're probably familiar with life-altering injuries like paralysis, brain damage, or loss of limb - but the specifics of the law around this can be complex. As a Texan, it's important to understand your rights in the event of a serious accident. This article will break down the definition of catastrophic injury according to Texas law so you know what qualifies and what benefits may be available to you. By the end, you'll have a solid grasp of this critical concept and feel more empowered about the protections offered to Texans with life-changing injuries. Talk with a Texas Personal Injury Lawyer to get started on your personal injury case.

Defining Catastrophic Injuries in Texas

In Texas, catastrophic injuries are severe, life-altering injuries that often require extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation. They can prevent you from living independently or returning to work. Some of the major types of catastrophic injuries in Texas include:

Spinal Cord Injuries

Damage to the spinal cord impacts your ability to control movement and sensation. Paralysis and loss of bowel/bladder control are common. Recovery can take years of therapy and treatment.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

A blow or jolt to the head can cause bleeding in the brain, damage brain cells, and lead to impaired thinking, memory, movement, sensation, and emotional functioning. Rehab focuses on re-learning skills and coping strategies.

Severe Burns

Burns that impact more than 20% of the body’s surface area, damage respiratory systems or airways, or cause disfigurement are considered catastrophic. Hospitalization, skin grafts, and physical therapy are typically required.


The loss of a limb has a devastating impact. Rehabilitation involves learning to use prosthetic devices and adjusting to a new way of living. Multiple limb amputations compound the challenges.

If you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury in Texas due to the negligence of another party, you may be entitled to compensation to cover medical expenses, loss of income, pain and suffering, and reduced quality of life. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer can help you understand your legal options. With the right team on your side fighting for fair compensation and justice, the road to recovery may be made a little easier.

Common Causes of Catastrophic Injuries in Car Accidents

Car accidents are a leading cause of catastrophic injuries in Texas. When a serious auto collision occurs, the forces involved can cause severe harm to the body. Some of the most common catastrophic injuries from car accidents include:

Spinal Cord Injuries

The impact from a car crash can fracture or dislocate vertebrae in the spine, damaging the sensitive spinal cord. This can lead to partial or complete paralysis, loss of sensation, and other life-changing effects.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

The sudden deceleration or acceleration in a collision, or impact from airbag deployment, can cause the brain to strike the inside of the skull. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) range from mild concussions to severe, life-threatening damage. The effects depend on which parts of the brain were injured and can include impaired thinking, memory problems, personality changes, and loss of coordination.


When vehicles collide or run off the road at high speeds, occupants can suffer partial or full amputation of limbs. These gruesome injuries frequently require emergency surgery and long-term physical rehabilitation and therapy. Victims face a lifetime of adapting to life without one or more limbs.

Burn Injuries

Car crashes that involve fire or explosion put victims at risk of catastrophic burn injuries. Injuries from flames, heated surfaces, chemicals, and gasses can lead to permanent scarring, disability, and other physical impairments. Severe burns require intensive medical care like skin grafts, reconstructive surgery, and physical therapy.

The physical and emotional toll of these catastrophic injuries is immense. Victims may face a lifetime of medical care, loss of work, and reduced quality of life. Holding the at-fault parties accountable can help provide financial resources for medical bills, rehabilitation, home health aides, and other necessities.

Types of Catastrophic Injuries After a Car Crash

After a car accident, certain injuries can be catastrophic depending on their severity. These life-altering injuries often require extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Damage to the spinal cord can cause paralysis or loss of mobility and sensation. Treatment may include surgery, physical therapy, and mobility aids.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Head injuries that cause damage to the brain are severe and can impact cognition, speech, balance, and movement. Rehabilitation involves speech, occupational and physical therapy.


The loss of a limb is devastating and life-changing. Artificial limbs, physical therapy, and vocational rehabilitation are often needed.

Burn Injuries

Severe burns damage skin, tissue, and bones and require intensive wound care, surgery, physical therapy, and counseling. Burn victims may need reconstructive surgery and experience emotional trauma.

Internal Injuries

Damage to internal organs like the heart, lungs, liver or kidneys require emergency surgery and hospitalization. Recovery can take months and may involve lifestyle changes.

The impact of a catastrophic injury reaches far beyond the physical. Victims deal with chronic pain, mental anguish, lost work and income, and changes in mobility or independence. If you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury in an auto accident, speaking with a personal injury attorney in Texas can help you understand your rights and options for seeking compensation and justice.

How a Texas Car Accident Lawyer Can Help With Your Catastrophic Injury Case

A catastrophic injury can turn your life upside down in an instant. When this happens due to a car accident caused by another driver’s negligence, the legal implications can be complicated. This is why hiring an experienced Texas car accident lawyer is critical.

They can investigate the accident

Your attorney will conduct a thorough investigation into the accident, including interviewing witnesses, taking photos of the vehicles and scene, and reviewing police reports. They will determine who is truly at fault and build a strong case to prove negligence.

They know how to value your claim properly

Catastrophic injuries often require extensive, long-term medical care and rehabilitation. Your lawyer understands how to calculate current and future medical expenses, loss of income, and pain and suffering damages to determine the full value of your claim. They will fight to get you the maximum compensation you deserve.

They have experience negotiating with insurance companies

Insurance companies are in the business of paying out as little as possible on claims. Your attorney has experience dealing with their tactics and negotiating to get fair settlements for clients. They will stand up for your rights and not allow the insurance company to take advantage of your situation.

They can take the case to court if necessary

If the insurance company refuses to offer a fair settlement, your lawyer can file a personal injury lawsuit to take the case before a judge and jury. They have extensive trial experience and understand how to build a persuasive case to prove negligence and damages. They give you the best chance of obtaining a favorable verdict and winning the compensation you need and deserve.

The aftermath of a catastrophic car accident is traumatic enough without having to deal with the legal complexities on your own. A skilled Texas car accident attorney can handle every aspect of your case so you can focus on recovery. They will fight to make sure you are fairly compensated for a life-changing injury.

The Effects of a Catastrophic Injury - Physical, Emotional, Financial

A catastrophic injury in Texas can have devastating and long-lasting effects. Beyond the physical harm, there are emotional and financial impacts that can seriously alter your life.

Physical Effects

The most obvious results are the physical disabilities and impairments that limit your mobility, speech, senses or brain function. Recovering from catastrophic harm like traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage or amputations is an arduous process that often requires extensive rehabilitation and long-term care. You may need assistance from caregivers for daily activities and chores that you previously handled independently.

Emotional Toll

Coping with the aftermath of a catastrophic accident that causes permanent harm can take an immense emotional toll. Feelings of depression, anxiety, frustration and hopelessness are common. The challenging recovery process and uncertainty about the future can be mentally taxing. Speaking with a counselor or joining a support group may help you work through difficult emotions.

Financial Hardship

The costs associated with a catastrophic injury are substantial. Hospital stays, surgeries, rehabilitation, home health care, medical equipment and loss of income can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, even with health insurance. Many families suffer tremendous financial losses and struggle under the weight of medical bills following a catastrophic accident. If negligence was involved, pursuing a personal injury claim may help recover damages to pay for medical expenses and make up for lost wages.

The impacts of a catastrophic injury in Texas extend far beyond the physical harm alone. Addressing the emotional and financial effects during the recovery process is vital to achieving the best possible outcome and quality of life going forward. With the support of doctors, therapists, lawyers, family and friends, people with catastrophic injuries can heal, adapt and thrive despite their disabilities.

Our Car Accident Lawyers Are Here To Help

Our experienced car accident lawyers understand how traumatic and life-changing catastrophic injuries can be. We're here to help you through the legal process of pursuing compensation for your losses.

What Counts as a Catastrophic Injury?

In Texas, catastrophic injuries are severe, permanent impairments that significantly impact your mobility, senses, or mental capacity. Some examples include:

  • Spinal cord or traumatic brain injuries that cause paralysis or severe cognitive difficulties
  • Amputations of limbs
  • Severe burns over a large portion of the body
  • Multiple bone fractures or crush injuries that require extensive rehabilitation
  • Loss of vision or hearing

The effects of these life-changing injuries often require lifelong medical care, rehabilitation, and assistance. Our attorneys will fight to get you the maximum compensation so you can access the resources you need.

After a serious accident, the last thing you want to deal with is a complicated legal claim. We'll handle all the details for you, including:

  • Investigating the accident to determine liability
  • Calculating the full cost of your injuries, including medical bills, lost wages, and pain/suffering
  • Negotiating with insurance companies to get you a fair settlement
  • Filing a lawsuit on your behalf if a settlement can't be reached out of court
  • Ensuring all paperwork is handled properly so you get the compensation you deserve

You've been through enough already. Let our experienced catastrophic injury lawyers shoulder the legal burden so you can focus on your recovery. We're committed to helping accident victims get justice and financial security. Call us today for a free consultation.


So there you have it. Catastrophic injuries are severe, life-changing events that often require extensive medical care and rehabilitation. If you or a loved one have suffered permanent impairment or disfigurement due to someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to substantial compensation. Don’t delay in consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney to understand your legal options. They can investigate your claim, determine who’s at fault, and fight to get you the maximum settlement or award possible. You deserve justice and financial security after going through such a traumatic experience. Though the road ahead may be long, having the right legal team by your side can help make the journey a little easier.