What to Do After a Car Crash Caused by Relative or Friend

What to Do After a Car Crash Caused by Relative or Friend

No matter what your relationship is to the person who caused your car crash, the law is the same. Whether it was a stranger or a friend behind the wheel, you are entitled to the same personal injury compensation. However, when you have an emotional attachment to the at-fault driver, the situation becomes difficult. You need a full legal recovery for your accident injuries, but you don’t want to do anything that could strain your relationship with your friend or relative. Thats where our Firm comes in, we can show you exactly how our car accident lawyers handle delicate cases like this.

It’s Often the Insurance Company That Should Pay Your Damages

While you may need to name your friend or relative as a defendant in a lawsuit, they are unlikely to be the ones who will pay your damages. Instead, the compensation will come from an insurance company. In most cases, you will receive compensation from the driver’s insurance company, if the driver had car insurance. If the driver did not have insurance, then your own uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage—if you have it—will kick in.

If there is not enough insurance to cover your damages, your lawyer may look at your friend’s or relative’s personal assets. Additionally, your attorney may consider other potential defendants, such as mechanics and auto part makers.

Protect Your Relationship and Your Car Crash Recovery

Auto Accident Accident Lawyer, Gage Fletcher

Our personal injury lawyers understand that this is an awkward situation, and we trust that your friend or relative feels terrible about the crash and wants to make sure that you get a fair recovery. We will work hard to make sure that both your relationship and your car accident compensation are protected. Our car accident lawyers have handled thousands of cases. While your relationship with the driver is unique, we have encountered similar situations before and can create a legal strategy that protects your interests.

Passengers are rarely at fault for car crashes, and you should not have to pay the financial price for someone else’s negligence. Call the Fletcher Law Office today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation about your rights so that you can make an educated decision about how to protect your legal recovery.

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