Frisco Car Accident Lawyer

As a resident of Frisco, Texas, you understand the unfortunate reality of car accidents and the damage they can cause. If you've recently been injured in an auto accident that wasn't your fault, you may feel overwhelmed by medical bills, insurance claims, and an uncertain road to recovery. You don't have to go through this difficult process alone. 

The personal injury attorneys at Fletcher Law have been advocating for car accident victims in Texas for years. We are prepared to help Frisco residents with their personal injury claim. Their team of experienced lawyers will handle your case with compassion and commitment, fighting to recover damages so you can focus on healing. With a track record of success and a commitment to personalized service, Fletcher Law is here to guide you step by step through the legal process after an accident. You deserve justice and compensation. The road ahead may not be easy, but together we will make sure the at-fault party is held responsible for their negligent actions. Your life has been disrupted, but we will work tirelessly to restore order and security. You can trust Fletcher Law to be your advocate during this challenging time.

Do I Need a Lawyer After a Car Accident in Frisco?

After a car accident, you may be unsure if hiring an attorney is necessary. However, there are several benefits to consulting with a Frisco car accident lawyer.

An attorney can handle the insurance companies on your behalf. Insurance adjusters work for the insurance companies, not you, and are focused on limiting payouts. A lawyer can negotiate with the insurance companies and work to maximize the compensation you receive.

A lawyer can determine if you have grounds for a personal injury claim. Not every collision leads to a personal injury case. If the other driver was clearly at fault and you suffered injuries, lost wages, or other damages, you may have a viable claim. An attorney can review the details of your accident and determine if pursuing a claim is advisable.

Legal counsel can help calculate the full value of your claim. The average person is unaware of the many types of damages that can be included in an car accident settlement, such as medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, property damage, and diminished quality of life. An experienced lawyer knows how to properly value the total cost of your injuries and other losses.

In some cases, you may need to file a lawsuit to obtain a fair settlement from the insurance companies. Litigation is a complicated legal process, and no victim should go through it alone. A reputable lawyer can handle the entire lawsuit on your behalf and fight for maximum compensation for your injury claim.

Without question, hiring a Frisco car accident lawyer is in your best interest. Legal counsel can help you understand your rights, deal with insurance companies, determine if you have grounds for a claim, and work to obtain fair compensation for your injuries and other damages. For the best outcome after an auto collision, call a reputable Frisco personal injury firm today.

How a Frisco Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You

If you have been injured in a car accident in Frisco, Texas, contacting a Frisco car accident lawyer should be one of your top priorities. An experienced attorney can help guide you through the legal process and fight for the compensation you deserve.

A qualified Frisco car accident lawyer will conduct a thorough investigation into your accident. They will collect police reports, gather witness statements, review medical records, and consult with experts to determine the cause of the crash and identify all liable parties.

Building a Strong Case

With the facts of your case in hand, your Frisco car accident lawyer will determine the best way to pursue damages from insurance companies or through a personal injury lawsuit. They will compile evidence, handle all legal paperwork, and negotiate with insurance adjusters to reach a fair settlement. If a settlement cannot be reached, they will represent you in court.

Recovering Damages

You may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, property damage, and other accident-related expenses. Your Frisco car accident lawyer will fight to recover both economic and non-economic damages, ensuring you are fully compensated. They work on a contingency-fee basis, so you pay nothing upfront and owe legal fees only if they secure a settlement or verdict in your favor.

Focusing on Your Recovery

Hiring a Frisco car accident lawyer allows you to focus on recovering from your injuries while your legal advocate handles the legal complexities. They are experienced in dealing with insurance companies and the court system, allowing you to avoid the additional stress. Your wellbeing is the top priority, so let an attorney shoulder the burden of fighting for the justice and compensation you deserve.

Common Causes of Car Accidents in Frisco

Common Causes of Car Accidents in Frisco

In Frisco, there are several common causes of car accidents that frequently lead to injuries. As a driver in Frisco, being aware of these common causes can help you take extra precautions to avoid an accident.

Distracted Driving

Using a cell phone, eating or drinking while driving, chatting with passengers, or fiddling with the radio or navigation system are all forms of distracted driving that can take your attention away from the road. Even just a few seconds of distraction while driving at high speeds can lead to a serious accident.

Drunk or Impaired Driving

Driving while intoxicated by alcohol, drugs (whether illegal or prescription), or other substances severely impairs your ability to drive safely. Frisco Police closely monitor major roadways for drunk drivers, but accidents still frequently occur due to impaired driving.


Driving above the posted speed limit or too fast for road conditions like heavy traffic or bad weather is a major cause of car accidents that often lead to serious injury. Speeding reduces your ability to react in time to avoid an accident and increases the force of impact in a collision.

Failure to Yield

Failing to properly yield the right of way to other vehicles or pedestrians at intersections, while changing lanes, merging onto highways, or in other situations can easily lead to a car accident. Drivers must follow the rules of the road and be extremely cautious, especially in heavy traffic areas.

Aggressive Driving

Engaging in aggressive driving behaviors like tailgating, flashing lights, honking, rude gestures, cutting other drivers off, or confronting other motorists can provoke an angry reaction or lead to reckless driving by others. Aggressive driving is dangerous and against the law.

By exercising caution, following the rules of the road, and avoiding reckless behaviors, you can work to prevent car accidents. However, if an accident still occurs due to the fault of another driver, an experienced car accident lawyer can help you pursue compensation for your injuries.

Determining Liability in a Frisco Car Crash

Determining who is at fault in a car accident is crucial for obtaining compensation for your injuries. As an injured victim in Frisco, Texas, there are several factors that can help establish liability and determine the party responsible for causing the crash.

To determine liability, you and your Frisco car accident lawyer will need to investigate the details of the crash, including:

  • Traffic violations: If the other driver committed a traffic violation like running a red light or stop sign, speeding, or driving while distracted, they would likely be found primarily at fault. Traffic camera footage and eyewitness accounts can help prove these violations.
  • Police report: The official police report from the responding officers will contain key details about the accident, including the officers’ assessment of fault. While not definitive, the police report can be persuasive evidence. Your lawyer can obtain a copy of the full police report on your behalf.
  • Insurance claims: The claims made by all drivers and passengers involved can provide additional details about the crash. However, claims may differ or conflict with the official police report and other evidence. Your lawyer will review all claims thoroughly.
  • Vehicle positioning: The positioning of the vehicles after the impact can indicate which driver was unable to avoid the collision. Your lawyer may work with accident reconstruction experts to analyze the vehicle positioning and damage.
  • Negligence: If another driver’s negligence, such as distracted or impaired driving, caused the crash, they would typically be found mostly or fully liable. Proving negligence may require eyewitness testimony, medical records, or expert analysis.

By reviewing all available evidence with your experienced Frisco car accident lawyer, the liable parties in your crash can be identified. With liability established, you can pursue a claim for compensation from the at-fault drivers and their insurance companies to recover damages like medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses resulting from your injuries.

Calculating the Value of Your Frisco Car Accident Claim

When determining how much your Frisco car accident claim may be worth, several factors come into play. As an injury victim, you deserve fair compensation for damages and losses. Calculate the value of your claim by considering the following:

Medical Expenses

Medical bills from emergency responders, hospital stays, surgery, physical therapy, medication, and other treatment directly relate to the severity of your injuries. Keep records of all expenses to substantiate your claim.

Lost Wages

If injuries prevent you from working, include lost wages in your claim. Ask your employer for wage verification and pay stubs to prove your average earnings. Self-employed individuals should provide tax returns.

Pain and Suffering

You may recover damages for physical pain and mental anguish from your injuries. The more severe and long-lasting the pain, the higher the claim amount. Describe your pain, difficulties, and daily struggles in detail.

Property Damage

If your vehicle or other property was damaged in the accident, you can seek repair or replacement costs. Obtain repair estimates and receipts to document the values.

Loss of Enjoyment

Permanent injuries may limit hobbies, recreational activities and enjoyment of life. Explain specific losses and provide statements from friends and family regarding lifestyle changes.

Once you have calculated and documented these damages with the help of a Frisco car accident lawyer, you can determine an amount to demand from insurance companies to fully compensate your claim. Be prepared for negotiation, but do not accept an offer that does not fairly reflect the severity of your case. With legal counsel fighting for you, you have the best chance of recovering maximum compensation.

Collecting Evidence From the Scene of a Frisco Car Accident

Collecting evidence from the scene of your car accident in Frisco is crucial. The evidence gathered can help establish liability and determine fault, which will strengthen your personal injury claim.

Call the Police

Immediately call 911 to report the accident. The responding police officers will fill out an official police report, which contains important details about the accident that can support your case. Be sure to get the police report number for your records.

Collect Driver and Vehicle Information

Exchange information with the other driver(s) involved, including their name, address, phone number, insurance details, driver's license number, vehicle make and model, license plate number. Take photos of this information if possible.

Document the Accident Scene

Use your phone to take photos and videos of the accident scene, including the vehicles involved, the surrounding area, traffic signs or signals, and anything else that could be relevant. Capture multiple angles if possible. These visual records can help reconstruct what happened.

Talk to Witnesses

Get the names and contact details of any witnesses to the accident. Their testimony could help validate your account of events. Ask them for written and signed statements about what they saw as soon as possible while the details are still fresh in their minds.

See a Doctor

Even if you feel fine after the accident, see a doctor. Some injuries like whiplash or concussions may not appear for hours or days. Let your doctor know you were in a car accident so they can check for any internal injuries. Getting prompt medical treatment and an official diagnosis will help support your injury claim.

Contact a Lawyer

To ensure you get fully compensated for your injuries and other losses from the car accident, contact a reputable Frisco personal injury lawyer. They can handle communications with insurance companies and help you pursue a fair settlement for your claim.

Following these steps after a car accident in Frisco can make a big difference in the outcome of your injury claim. Collect as much evidence as possible, get proper medical care, and seek legal counsel to guide you through the legal process. With the right documentation and support, you have a better chance of recovering damages for your injuries.

Dealing With Insurance Companies After a Frisco Car Accident

Dealing with insurance companies after a car accident can be frustrating and time-consuming. However, it is important to cooperate fully with insurance companies involved to ensure you receive fair compensation for your injuries and damages. Here are some tips for navigating the insurance claims process:

Provide a recorded statement

Most insurance companies will request a recorded statement about the details of the accident. Be cooperative but cautious during this statement. Stick to the facts about what happened, leaving out opinions or speculation. Have an attorney review the statement before providing it if possible.

Seek medical attention promptly

Get checked out by a doctor as soon as possible after an accident, even if you feel fine. Undiagnosed injuries could become serious later. Medical records and bills will also help support your claim for compensation. Inform insurance companies about any medical treatments you receive.

Do not accept a quick settlement

Insurance companies may offer a quick settlement to resolve a claim, but this amount is often far less than the total costs of the accident. Do not feel pressured to accept a settlement before you know the full extent of your injuries and damages. Consult with a Frisco car accident attorney to determine a fair settlement amount before negotiating with insurance companies.

Keep records of correspondence

Maintain records of all phone calls, letters, bills, and other correspondence with insurance companies. These records can help support your claim in the event of a dispute. Send written communication via certified mail whenever possible to ensure proper documentation. Copy your attorney on all correspondence.

Do not discuss fault with other parties

Do not discuss who was at fault for the accident with other parties involved, especially their insurance companies. Determining fault is a complex legal issue, so leave it to the proper legal authorities and your attorney. Your statements could potentially be used to deny or limit your claim.

Following these tips will help streamline the insurance claims process after your accident, while protecting your rights to fair compensation. Be sure to also consult with a reputable Frisco car accident attorney who can advocate for you during settlement negotiations or in the event of a lawsuit.

Filing a Lawsuit for a Frisco Car Accident

Filing a lawsuit for injuries sustained in a Frisco car accident is a serious decision that should not be taken lightly. However, if you have suffered major injuries or damages, pursuing legal action may be necessary to receive fair compensation.

Consult with a Lawyer

The first step is to meet with a Frisco car accident attorney to discuss the details of your case. Bring any evidence you have, including photos of the vehicles involved, medical records, and witness statements. An experienced lawyer can evaluate the merits of your case and determine if you have grounds to file a lawsuit. They can also advise you on a reasonable settlement amount to pursue.

Send a Demand Letter

If a lawsuit seems warranted, your lawyer will send a formal demand letter to the at-fault driver’s insurance company. This letter will outline the details of the accident, your injuries and losses, and the amount of compensation you are seeking. The insurance company will have the opportunity to settle the claim at this point. If they refuse or make an unreasonably low offer, you will need to proceed to filing a lawsuit.

File the Lawsuit

With your lawyer’s guidance, you will file a complaint in the proper court to initiate a lawsuit against the at-fault driver. The complaint should state how the other driver’s negligence caused the accident and detail the ways in which you have been harmed. You must also specify the amount of damages you are seeking.

Litigation and Trial

The at-fault driver will have the opportunity to respond to your complaint. From there, the litigation process begins which includes gathering evidence through depositions and interrogatories, witness interviews, and medical exams. If a settlement cannot be reached, the case will go to trial before a judge and jury. Your Frisco car accident lawyer will represent you throughout the entire legal process to ensure you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries.

\n\nBy taking these necessary steps with the help of a skilled attorney, you can pursue and obtain fair compensation for injuries and damages from a Frisco car accident. An experienced lawyer knows how to navigate the complex legal system to build a strong case and fight for your rights. Putting your trust in the proper legal counsel is the best way to reach a favorable outcome.

Frisco Car Accident FAQs: Answered by a Local Lawyer

As a car accident victim in Frisco, Texas, you likely have many questions about your legal rights and options. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions answered by a local Frisco car accident lawyer.

What should I do after a car accident in Frisco?

After a car accident, take the following steps:

  1. Call 911 for medical assistance. Your health and safety are top priorities.
  2. Do not admit fault or sign any documents from insurance companies. Anything you say or sign could be used against you later.
  3. Seek medical attention, even if you feel fine. Some injuries do not surface for hours or days. A doctor can properly assess your injuries and document them.
  4. Contact a Frisco car accident lawyer. An attorney can advise you on next steps to take regarding insurance claims and help you pursue compensation for your injuries.

How much is my Frisco car accident case worth?

The value of your case depends on factors like:

•Severity of injuries - More serious injuries typically warrant higher settlements. Permanent injuries or disabilities often result in the highest settlements.

•Type of medical treatment - Extensive treatment like surgery, therapy, or hospitalization indicates the severity of injuries and impacts case value.

•Lost wages - If injuries prevented you from working, you may be entitled to compensation for lost wages, both current and future.

•Property damage - The costs to repair or replace your vehicle are also considered in the total settlement amount.

•Insurance policy limits - Settlements are often limited to the at-fault driver's policy limits. Umbrella policies or your own uninsured motorist coverage may provide additional funds.

•Negligence factors - Clear evidence showing the other driver was negligent or reckless when causing the accident strengthens your case and may increase its value.

•Experience of your lawyer - An experienced car accident lawyer knows how to properly value cases and negotiate maximum settlements with insurance companies.

Your lawyer can review the details of your specific case and determine an estimated settlement range based on these factors. The final settlement amount will depend on negotiations with the insurance company.

Evidence To Use In Your Car Accident Case

To build a strong case for compensation in a car accident injury claim, certain types of evidence can be extremely helpful. Collecting and preserving this evidence as soon as possible after an accident is critical.


Take pictures of the vehicles involved, including license plate numbers. Photograph the area surrounding the scene of the accident as well, including any skid marks, debris, or damage to infrastructure. Pictures of injuries or visible damage to any persons involved can also be useful evidence.

Police Report

Obtain a copy of the official police accident report, which will contain details about the accident from the investigating officer's perspective. The report typically includes information on factors that may have contributed to the accident, such as reckless driving, distracted driving or driving under the influence.

Eyewitness Statements

If there were any witnesses to the accident, get their full names and contact information. Ask them to provide written statements in their own words describing what they saw happen. Eyewitness accounts can be tremendously helpful for confirming fault and liability in an accident case.

Medical Records

Compile records of diagnosis and treatment for any injuries resulting from the accident. This includes emergency room reports, hospital bills, test results, therapy or rehabilitation details, and billing statements. Medical evidence confirms the severity of injuries and helps calculate appropriate compensation.

Time Logs and Receipts

Keep records of any time missed from work due to accident-related injuries, as well as receipts for out-of-pocket expenses such as medications, transportation or physical therapy copays. These provide evidence to support claims for lost wages and financial losses.

Using photographs, official reports, witness statements, medical records, and financial paperwork related to your accident, you can build a solid case to pursue fair compensation for your injuries. Consult with a skilled Frisco car accident lawyer to determine liability, evaluate the evidence, and fight for the maximum settlement or verdict on your behalf.


You deserve justice and compensation for your injuries after a car accident that was not your fault. The team at Fletcher Law has decades of experience helping car accident victims in Frisco get fair settlements for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering. Call for a free case review today to discuss the details of your accident and injury. Their knowledgeable Frisco car accident lawyers will evaluate your case at no cost to you and help determine the best path forward. Don't wait - the clock is ticking. Call now to schedule your free consultation and get the recovery process started. Fletcher Law is committed to helping their clients heal, recover and move on from this difficult time.