In considering the averages, the most common car accident in Missouri and Kansas involves two vehicles. What happens, though, when there are three vehicles involved, or even more? Multi-vehicle car accidents present a host of unique legal issues that may arise during a case. For example, the concept of shared fault may arise and, depending on the jurisdiction. may alter the trajectory of a case.

A common issue that arises in multi-vehicle car accidents is the occurrence of conflicting statements. If Driver 1 and Driver 2 both claim that Driver 3 caused the wreck, Driver 3 will be faced with the difficult task of rebutting this cooperating testimony. Often the police report will put forth a broad evaluatory statement as to what the investigating officer’s interpretation of the evidence led him to conclude.

A driver who is involved in a multi-vehicle accident needs to be very careful about the information they disclose voluntarily and involuntarily. Often a person involved in a multi-car accident will say something to one of the other drivers or their respective insurance companies that could be interpreted incorrectly. The car accident attorneys at Fletcher Law Office, LLC, are standing by to speak with you about your case and the steps that need to be taken to move forward. Contact us.