Similar to an Uninsured Motorist (UM) case, an Underinsured Motorist (UIM) case arises when there is an issue with the at-fault driver’s auto insurance coverage. Many drivers will elect to pay the absolute minimum monthly premium to their insurance company, so they will be in compliance with state laws requiring them to have auto insurance coverage. However, with this minimum monthly premium comes a minimum amount of liability coverage.

With severe car accidents and injuries, the damages that arise often exceed the liability limits of the at-fault driver. Many times the limits of the at-fault driver’s auto insurance policy are insufficient to cover the medical bills incurred by the injured party. When this happens, the injured party may be able to obtain additional compensation from his own auto insurance carrier through an underinsured motorist claim. The compensation from the injured party’s UIM coverage will be provided to cover the damages that exceed the at-fault driver’s policy limits. The UIM policy is also subject to a policy limit as well.

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