How a Kansas City Slip and Fall Lawyer Can Help You

How a Kansas City Slip and Fall Lawyer Can Help You

Despite what the lawyers or insurance adjusters for the store where you fell may have told you, you probably do need an attorney to represent you in your slip and fall claim. Find out what an attorney will do to make sure you get the compensation you deserve after an accident that was not your fault.

What a Slip and Fall Lawyer Will Do for You

When you hire a personal injury attorney, you will have someone on your side who will work to:

  • Establish liability. Determining who caused the slip and fall accident and who is legally responsible for your damages is often complicated. The fall could have been caused by the property owner, the business operator, or your own carelessness. An experienced lawyer knows what evidence to gather and how to evaluate it to determine liability and pursue a recovery from the appropriate parties.
  • Document damages. Your possible compensation is likely in dispute. The property owner, business operator, or their insurers may argue that you are not as hurt as you claim or that you had pre-existing conditions unrelated to the fall, for example. An attorney can document all of your damages, including medical costs, lost income, pain, suffering, and other losses, and he will fight for your fair recovery of past and future damages.
  • Negotiate on your behalf. Insurers have skilled adjusters fighting to provide you with as little compensation as possible. Negotiations can be frustrating, confusing, and unproductive. However, a skilled lawyer knows the common games insurers play and can effectively represent your interests.
  • Take your case to court, if necessary. If your case can’t be settled fairly, then a premises liability lawyer can handle all of the litigation on your behalf and make sure that you are treated fairly in court.

Most of all, a lawyer will make sure that your legal rights and possible recovery are protected while you concentrate on your physical recovery and moving forward with your life.

Learn More About Slip and Fall Lawyers Today

You may have additional questions about how a lawyer can help you after your fall injury. Our experienced Kansas City slip and fall attorneys would be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation so that we can answer your questions and explain how we can help you. Call us or contact us online today to set up your initial meeting.