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Motorcycles can be an exciting and inexpensive mode of transportation, but also pose many inherent risks Too often, other drivers do not pay attention to motorcyclists on the roadway.

At Fletcher Law Office, a Kansas City motorcycle accident lawyer will carefully analyze your situation to determine who is at fault and the proper measure of damages that should be sought. 

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Representing Missouri Motorcycle Accident Injury Victims & Families in Kansas City

The primary causes of motorcycle accidents are wide-ranging. Hiring a Kansas City motorcycle accident lawyer will help you investigate the facts of your accident so that you can concentrate on your personal recovery.

At Fletcher Law Office, our legal team can help you handle the following types of motorcycle injury claims:

Without an investigation, the actual cause of your accident may never be identified. 

You May Have a Right to Compensation

Since motorcycle accidents generally involve an extensive investigation of medical records, as well as an examination of all the circumstances surrounding the accident, the claim can be challenging to handle on your own. After a motorcycle accident, you may suffer severe financial loss as you are unable to work and incur medical expenses. To ensure that your interests are protected, consider reaching out to the motorcycle accidents attorneys at Fletcher Law. 

Fletcher Law Office pursues compensation for your damages, which may include:

  • Current and future medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Lost wages and future earnings
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Wrongful death benefits; and 
  • Punitive damages

While the list above is not entirely exhaustive, it does help you understand what you or your loved one can claim under current Missouri and Kansas motorcycle accidents laws. To inquire more about the damages you may be entitled to consider reaching out to one of the motorcycle accident lawyer at Fletcher Law to provide insight into the matter. 

Motorcycle Risks and Protections 

Driving a motorcycle regularly can pose an increased risk of harm than driving a car. This is often not even due to driving of the motorcycle rider or their efforts to be safe. Often in a motorcycle crash, the motorcycle rider did absolutely nothing wrong that contributed to the accident.

The real risk for motorcycle riders often is other drivers of cars on the roadway. With the progression of technology and ease of access to personal cellular devices, drivers on the roadway today may be more distracted than ever before as they navigate to their destination in their cars. 

The risks that are posed to a motorcycle driver by an inattentive driver are obvious. While on a motorcycle a motorcycle rider does not have the same protection from impact that the driver of a car would. If an impact with a motorcycle and a car occurs, that impact is often directly on the body of the motorcycle rider. This is as opposed to the structured frame of the vehicle that may have been designed to better absorb that impact. Injuries from motorcycle accidents are often more severe than those suffered in a car accident. 

The law seeks to protect motorcycle riders and provide them with a means to compensation after they have been injured in an accident. If the negligence of a driver causes an accident and the motorcycle rider is injured, they may seek damages for their loss.

Often this pursuit begins with an examination of the evidence that is available, such as the police report. Once some basic information and evidence is obtained, a claim will often be opened up with the at fault driver's insurance company. 

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